Fitness Services

School Age Teen & Children Yoga & Mindfulness: This unique classroom engagement and management approach can help with enhancing student attention, emotional regulation, and alertness and can also reduce aggression and stress response


T.R.A.P Cardio: Take Responsibility And Progress
This is a moderate to high level full body workout utilizing body weight and light equipment for a fast paced workout to today latest hits . This class is based on our belief that when we take accountability and responsibility for our health we will be able to commit and prosper in our fitness and wellness goals

Candle flow Yoga: vinyasa style yoga paired with aroma therapy ,candles, and meditation

Adult ONLY Group classes & lessons

Pole Lessons :
We provide One on One & small group pole lessons as well as Pole & dance parties

Bedroom Beauty : Class focused on exploring movement and sensuality through modern dance movements & yoga poses paired with music for a body positive experience for all shapes sizes and genders.

Twerk Cardio: Moderate to full body workout using modern mainstream dance movements to encourage body positivity, and self expression while increasing heart rate

Schedule & Community Events

Beauty That Moves is honored to join in and help with raising community awareness and participation . Most recently we have joined the community partnership to help End the Epidemic with the ETE street outreach

Self Care Services

All Classes Services and Lessons are appointment and pre registration ONLY please book on our Facebook business page or Call us for an appointment

Wellness Workshops and Programming:

Corporate Agency& Workplace Wellness

We offer a variety of wellness programming that can be utilized in corporate and businesses settings geared toward helping employees understand and adapt wellness habits and reduce stressors than can lead to illness and high turn aroud. Our most requested classes are mindfulness , stress management, workplace wellness and self care . We also offer chair yoga  and mindful movement  to help with positions that require prolonged sitting.