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Hey beauties here is where you can find our monthly wellness topics.

This Month’s Wellness Challenge’s are water intake and mindfulness.

This month we want to increase our water intake and limit our juices pops etc. So we plan on spicing up our water with fruits mints and some veggies for a fresh refreshing taste with all the benefits and none of the added sugar.

Water challenge :The first recipe were going to try is strawberry, lemon , lime and mint.  Sound great right .Start by Grabbing a  gallon size container a handful of fresh strawberry  1/2 of a lime 1/2 a lemon and a few mint leaves . I like to boil 2 cups of hot water and pour it onto the mixture an then i add in several cups of ice and some purified water to top off my container . As a mom of 5  and business woman i don’t have a lot of time to wait overnight for my water to infuse so ive found that adding the hot water helps the flavor from the fruits infuse quicker. Garb a glass and drink up.  The goal is to drink more water each day than you have been previously. About 8 to 10 glasses a day is usually recommended but most of us barley get in a few so this moth we going to strive to just be better than we were  before. if you feel the urge to drink something else try to limit yourself to one 8oz glass of 100 fruit juice each day.

Mindfulness challenge :

What is mindfulness ?????? Many moms women and clients ask me this daily. It sounds complex and boring or scary but it can be very simple. Mindfulness is about focusing on the present. And i know alot of are like well duh im here im present, But in reality we move through our lives mentally steps ahead. How many time do arrive at a destination like wow how did i make it here i dont even think i was paying attention.  Were always thinking about what next and THIS can inhibit us from being happy. Were always worried about the next project or song or kids practice or bill or the next argument or all these possibilities.  How can we grow as a mom person women etc. of were not really present. Mindfulness encourages us embrace acceptance and change quiet anxiety and tap into joy. Soooooooo i know our wondering how do you start. Well this moth were going to let curiosity be our guide and learn that we have a choice in how we respond to our experiences Follow our Facebook page for our detailed challenges or join our wellness group and  have access to  a community of people to help along the way  just enter Beauty That Moves Women moms and Wellness   into your search bar on Facebook

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