Beauty That Moves

Wellness Fitness Self Care

3124 Main St Buffalo Ny


We're Not just a Company, We are a movement:

Beauty That Moves is a Wellness Fitness & Self Care studio located at 3124 Main st Buffalo NY  that provides Wellness & Self Care services as well as Fitness coaching like our Mommy Makeover training. Some of our wellness & self care services include guided meditation, and organic towel facials . We are a studio dedicated to helping our clients gain complete wellness physically, socially and mentally

Our Vision

Hmmmmmm , A World Covered in Glitter ……
Our vision is to help others define wellness in their daily lives. Whether that’s from attending a wellness workshop , a fitness class, or receive a personalized plan  Were here to help you make a bold statement who are you what do you stand for, what don’t you stand for.  Let us help you be your own kind of beauty while getting in shape Mentally and Physically and  having some fun

Our Story :
Is in the making and so is yours , follow us all our Social Media platforms to keep up to date on what’s happening .

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Meet the Team

Find a mirror and look at it . We’re a team . I’m here to help bring your vision to life whether its a for your employees, students, a one on one lesson, general nutrition questions or learning something new about wellness. Were in this together lets make this happen.

Our Founding Principles

 Wellness, Fitness and Self Care 

 Our Mission is to uplift  communities by coaching agencies, schools, corporations and individuals on benefits of healthy physical and mental health habits through Wellness Fitness and self care practices

Wellness & Fitness Consultant

B.A Psychology

ISSA :International Sports Sciences Association

Yoga Fit Foundations Certified

Certified Fitness trainer & Yoga Instructor 

Our approach

Our approach to coaching allows groups and individuals to explore the various ways to accomplish healthy lives by utilizing various types of wellness  . We help create person and group  centered realistic programing, goals and plans to accomplish them and ways to deal with stress and self care along the way.

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